Financial Aftercare

Every once in a while I get the opportunity to step back into the role of funeral director, whether it be at the funeral home or by helping friends and family back in my hometown. In this particular instance I offered my assistance to my friend when her sister died after succumbing to a heart attack. While I didn’t actually act as the funeral director, I was there in a consultant type of a role.

Most of my help is now coming in the form of what we call “aftercare”. There are really two components of aftercare. One being grief related and the other being financial. I have focused on grief aftercare in past articles so this article will be focused on financial aftercare. My friend’s sister, who I will refer to as Nancy, suffered from medical issues for quite some time, but they weren’t deemed to be so serious as to think that death would occur so quickly. Nancy was a very independent person. She was a single parent who raised a wonderful son while also having a very successful career. She was always going to “get to that” financial planning and estate planning “stuff”. But, not unlike a lot of people, she ran out of time. So, as a result, when she died somewhat unexpectedly, her financial affairs weren’t quite in order.

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